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Founded in June 1974 as an individual company, Carlesi Romeo takes care of textile raw materials transformation from beginning to end. We are highly specialized recyclers with over 40 years of experience in this field. We work to continue the rich Prato tradition of recovering and refining textile waste and by-products. Over time we have expanded internationally, and now we buy and export goods all over the world on request.


Recycled Textile Materials

After a careful regeneration process, pure wool scraps are transformed into a new fibrous mass as they originally were. Our products include regenerated knitting wool, regenerated wool from fabric remnants and regenerated wool from spinning waste. Our recycled wool has excellent composition and color.



Textile waste and knitwear residues obtain new value thanks to a complete regeneration process that transforms them into reusable fibers. Carlesi Romeo is specialized in waste wool recycling, producing high-quality, regenerated wool. We believe in environmental protection and industrial efficiency. For this reason we acquire and process wool by-products and promote their return to the production cycle.


Services For the Textile Industry

Carlesi Romeo aims to enhance industrial sustainability and raw materials reuse. We offer a complete recycling service for companies in the textile sector. We buy textile waste and residues from companies that need to dispose them safely and then convert them into regenerated wool. Our entire restoration process, from material selection to fraying, follows the highest production standards. If necessary we can also dye and deliver our final products worldwide.


Professional Dyeing

We provide dyeing services for raw fibers to textile companies that require specific colors. We only use safe dyes compliant with European parameters. We select the most suitable natural fibers depending on the required shade, and we process them with professional dyes and machinery.


We are officially licensed recyclers and we operate in compliance with current international regulations. We are members of the Italian Textile and Recycling Association (AS.T.R.I) and we continuously assert the importance of recycling in the textile sector.


Visit our photo-gallery. Our goal is simple: to retrieve reusable textile residues and reintroduce them into the production cycle through careful recycling and regeneration. Carlesi Romeo processes wool by-products from various production cycles and brings them back to life.


Contact us or come to visit us in via Sironi n. 38 in Prato in order to get more information or to get a service of custom dyeing, of purchase and collection of textile wastes, of national and international delivery or for anything else we may be able to help you with.