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Guaranteed Quality


Our main concern is the quality of our regenerated wool. In order to offer only excellent textile raw materials, our regeneration process follows strict production standards in all its phases, complying with European and international guidelines. Our commitment to quality begins with a careful selection of the best wool by-products, from waste to scraps, and continues throughout the fraying and dyeing processes with sophisticated machinery.


Fine Wool Fibers

Carlesi Romeo pays close attention to all qualitative and quantitative features of wool materials. We adhere to strict European composition and color parameters in order to obtain maximum results from our regeneration process. Our recycled fibers are homogeneous, durable, regular and safe. Use our regenerated wool with confidence to avoid defects and imperfections in your final fabrics.


Members of the Italian Recycling Association

Carlesi Romeo is an officially licensed recycler and is a member of the Italian Textile and Recycling Association (AS.T.R.I). We work to promote recycled textile raw materials and to protect the identity of the Prato textile industry. We strongly believe that textile by-products are not residues, but resources that should be reused to increase ecology and circular economy. We prove our point everyday by transforming what is usually called "waste" into valuable raw materials ready for a new life.