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Our regenerated wool is available in a huge variety of shades according to clients' different needs. From traditional, natural colors to bright, trendy tones. Carlesi Romeo's recycled wool fibers always have a solid, consistent color without any impurities in order to guarantee the best result in the final fabrics. Our dyes comply with current European regulations.


Natural Colors

After a meticulous selection process, pure-wool by-products and scraps are grouped by shade of color so as to preserve and enhance their characteristics during recycling. Our wool natural colors are mostly classic men's colors. Any other shade can be achieved through dyeing.


Different colors are obtained by dyeing natural fibers, which have been previously selected to absorb dye optimally.

Raw fibers are transformed into colored fibers by a chemical treatment with coloring substances compliant with all European regulations, using sophisticated technological machinery.

We verify that all fibers assume a homogeneous, penetrating color that resists rubbing and wear over time. Simply specify your preferred shade and we'll create ready-to-use recycled wool in your desired color.